Food and beverage

Tanks for the food industry must meet high standards of finish, both on surfaces and welds, this is to ensure cleanliness of the tank and aseptic storage of the product. They are extensively customizable, from shape to size, tailored to meet all customer needs.

types of tanks

supply options

MATERIALS: A304 / A304L / A316 / A316L / A316 Ti / A904L / Hastelloy C22 / Hastelloy C276 / SAF

FINISHES: 2B / Mirror Polished / Satin – possibility to attest roughness by certified roughness meter

TYPE OF TANK: Atmospheric / Isobaric certified according to PED or ASME / MOCA declaration


INSULATION: Rock wool or polyurethane foam

COATING: Welded or riveted

TO COMPLETE: trapcold-type or laser-welded jacket (also suitable for steam use), half-pipe or refrigeration or heating coils

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