Through the use of three-dimensional design software and computational tools, we develop and elaborate custom solutions to offer customized products that meet customer needs.


Constant investment in new production technologies, state-of-the-art machinery and the help of skilled personnel enable the manufacture of products tailored to your business.


We make ASME (U-STAMP) and PED certified stainless steel tanks and are registered with the Hygiene Bureau for MOCA certification of materials for the food chain.

non-destructive testing

Since 2021, with the acquisition of Rubix, Cavarzan has been offering an all-round service for performing radiographic tests, liquid penetrant tests with personnel certified according to UNI EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC1A.
X-ray inspection is carried out with X-ray equipment on stainless steel products and allow the integrity of welds to be checked and any defects to be corrected.
We are also able to analyze the chemical composition of the material by using the portable XRF analyzer.
These services can also be performed on behalf of third parties.

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