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Cavarzan Ltd. is a dynamic company that has been in the industry for more than 20 years. It has more than 50 employees, a united, solid and growing group. Leading the group are five brothers-Christian, Simone Leandro, Enrico, Massimo and Roberto-who, driven by the dedication and passion handed down by their father Adriano, collaborate with their employees every day, creating a teamwork that is fundamental to the company’s success and achieving increasingly important goals.

cavarzan team
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the story

The Cavarzan brothers began taking their first steps in stainless steel processing in the second half of the 1990s, in a small factory in Castello di Godego, equipped with only a shearer, a workbench, a cut-off machine and a welding machine. Growth was gradual, as experience and the range of industries increased, they first moved to San Martino di Lupari – giving birth to Cavarzan Srl in 1999 – and shortly thereafter expanded the production area with a plant in Ramon di Loria. The official breakthrough came in 2002, with the move to Altivole, to the 7,000-meter plant.2, expanded in 2014 to 10,000 m2 totals. Today, Cavarzan Srl, is a benchmark in the construction of high-finish stainless steel tanks for all sectors.

fondazione Costruzioni Cavarzan a Castello di Godego


fondazione Cavarzan Srl a San Martino di Lupari

Ampliamento con stabilimento a Ramon di Loria


Trasferimento ad Altivole

Primo apparecchio certificato PED e saldatura al plasma


Ampliamento dello stabile di Altivole

Certificazione ASME U-STAMP


Iscrizione Ufficio Igiene per certificazione MOCA

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