Cavarzan produces stainless steel tanks, especially for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and wine industries and also for the treatment and purification of water.

Cavarzan is a dynamic company managed by owners who have been able to capitalise on the experience gained in the field, and benefit from the use of state-of-the-art machines.

By working closely with each individual client, Cavarzan has developed a unique feature: the ability to interpret the clients’ requirements, especially in the manufacture of special machining, creating added value through efficient teamwork.

Healthy entrepreneurial spirit and strong productive dynamism have allowed the company to reach significant goals in increasing revenue, in the strengthening of the collaboration with clients that are well known leading companies and in the placement of their products in the European market.

A series of achievements made possible by sustained investment in technology and in human resources, encouraging young people to enter the field (...) and investing in their personal and professional development.

Cavarzan Srl - Stainless Steel for all needs
Via Giuseppe Toniolo 11  -  31030 - Altivole TV - Italy
 Phone +39 423 915 606 Fax    +39 423 915 605
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